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Very Cool

The next time you wonder why your shoes cost so much….




Stylish Children on 5th avenue in New York.

Do you like when people remark on your personal style?  Have you ever been stopped in the street and told you look great. At Ludique we love to see someone rocking their look and will treat you from time to time with our favorites.  These to darlings were with their parents on 5th Avenue in front of Bergdorf Goodman.

Packing the Perfect Suitcase: The Key Ingredients

New York’s market week is a bi-annual event when industry insiders – designers, buyers, stylists and retailers assemble to check out what fashion trends we will be craving come next season. As such, it is an event where everyone’s eyes are not only on the clothing, but on each other as well.

What’s a Montreal personal stylist to do when faced with the challenge of packing his own suitcase for a 5-day stay in New York for this sartorial celebration? Stay calm, focus and visualize.

As anyone who travels knows, packing can be a daunting task, especially when there are numerous functions during the travel that require different codes of dress.

My goal for the coming week was to strike a balance between professional, edgy, elegant and interesting. Indeed, that is how I would characterize my style on a day-to-day basis.

My method? Think about the image I wanted to project and assemble outfits that would make me feel most like myself in every context of the trip. As one would do when preparing a meal, I started with a base, added key ingredients to give my outfit the character I wanted, and chose accessories that would add nuance and texture. Finally, because I was packing for several days, I thought about how many combinations I could extract from each outfit (or how “many” my recipe would serve).

A few of my favorite  combos:

Base: funky orange print blazer, navy waxed denim jeans.

Ingredients: textured printed top or navy shirt.


Accessories: wide black belt, urban studded boots (to give the look a more “city” feel).

Base: black cardigan-style blazer, dark camouflage jeans.


Ingredients: crisp black v-neck.


Accessories: black/zipper belt, metal chain, dressy (yet funky) boots too offset the casual nature of the jeans.


Base: Grey plaid suit, dark denim jeans.



Ingredients: Blue/pink striped shirt, grey plaid vest.


Accessories: pink/blue tie, pink/black shoes.

Final step:

Roll each piece tightly for least amount of wrinkle and pack closely together like cannelloni in a baking pan!

Et voilà!

Oh My Aching Feet: Ludique at Montreal Fashion Week 09/13

Montreal Fashion week is an industry specific event designed to give our local designers the opportunity to present their next collections to potential retail buyers, media and stylists. It is also an opportunity for fashion insiders to strut their best-styled selves. And like other fashion weeks, what is happening off the runway is almost as noteworthy as what is happening during the shows. However, perhaps because we are not in New York, or Paris, or London, there is an omnipresent dressed-down causal chic aesthetic; nobody wants to look like they are trying too hard. Except when it comes to shoes, and then the game is on. Here are some snaps of some of our favorites.

My own very bad idea to wear these heels while working backstage on the first night, necessitating an emergency text to Jeff to please bring replacements from the car. (Always have a back-up shoe.)

Pretty in Pink, and great combo with the red nail polish.

Kick-ass cool


Daring to be playful with colourful flats.

Very similar to my favorite camping boots.


A cute couple.

Very architectural, and yet she could walk.

A fashion no-no anywhere but on the beach, or the shower at the gym. We will most certainly regale you in the future with our hatred of the Flip Flop.