Ludique personal fashion stylists create wardrobes that are unique, exciting and authentic to who you are and want to become.

Since 2006, we have been working with countless women and men who require a professional and efficient solution to their complete wardrobe needs including personal shopping, image consulting and closet organization.

Whether shopping for you, with you, or advising you on how to create the image you want to project, as wardrobe stylists we offer a range of personalized services designed to make getting dressed a truly enjoyable experience.

At Ludique, beyond the convenience and expediency of working with a personal shopper, we understand that how you look directly affects how you feel.  Our mission is to make you feel fabulous, fashionable and confident.


Caroline Alexander Stylist


Caroline understands the links between image and self esteem. ‘It is my firm belief that the better you feel about how you look–the more confident you are in your appearance–the easier it is for you to succeed, and excel at everything you want to accomplish.” Caroline focuses on providing polished, professional and imaginative looks collaborating with her clients to make excellent clothing choices, and expanding their design horizons. It is guaranteed that her clients will be walking away with head-turning wardrobes and feeling great. “I am able to make people happy through my work. I often have clients who tell me that their boss and their spouse are responding differently to them thanks to the choices we’ve made together. Suddenly, they find themselves walking straighter and smiling more. It is about the clothes, but it is also about how my clients feel in the clothes that we’ve chosen. In feeling differently about themselves, they communicate differently to the world, and that effects how the world now relates to them

Jeff Golf Styliste


Jeff’s approach to personal styling is a dynamic and collaborative process. “When an individual entrusts me with helping to define their appearance in the world, I recognize the value in that responsibility and engage the process with great respect.”  Stated simply, Jeff’s goal is to create a striking wardrobe for his client that is most authentic to who that person is, allowing them to walk through life with elegance, strength and style.

Jeff’s desire to help his clients feel the very best about how they look is what drives him as a personal stylist, “At Ludique, my work involves finding just the right pieces for my clients so that each item of clothing in their wardrobe is something they are excited to wear, something they know they’ll look and feel their very best in”.


What distinguishes Ludique is by far their stylists. They are not only passionate about fashion but also and more importantly about the individual who is wearing the clothing. The empathy they embody allows them to grasp, with few words, the style we are seeking and they always do so with respect and authenticity.

A visit to Ludique provides us with a moment that is absolutely magical, and the complicity that occurs between the stylist and their client enriches this experience which is anything but frivolous.


I adore the services of Ludique. The time spent at their office is a pure pleasure- a room full of clothes to try on. Their service allows me to try things that I wouldn’t dare try on my own. My stylist expands my horizons and I am able to acquire pieces that are original and unique. 5 years ago I had a style that had no character and was sometimes too juvenile for me. I had difficulty embracing a style that was more mature and fashionable. My stylist at Ludique knew how to take me out of that zone and today I am proud of my wardrobe and have found a style true to myself that gives me flare. Also, as I am very busy and have little time to shop, this process is extremely efficient.